Cater to plants exact needs

While most plants require the same building blocks to support photosynthesis and regulate hormonal processes, cannabis growers understand that there is no fixed approach to meeting the nutrient requirements for all strains. Cannabis exhibits broad variation in phenotype expression which has implications for the demand and timing of specific nutrients. Pushing your grow to the limits means experimenting with new products and integrating your findings into future grows.

Empirical assesments

The Buddy High-Throughput Crop Analysis API limits the personal bias in assessing your feeding program with an empirical perspective using computer vision algorithms developed over thousands of grows. From this vantage point, growers can adapt their programs using the direct feedback of crop health indicators.

By aggregating crop health information, growers can bootstrap Buddy insights to jump start their research. Buddy helps growers to target their feeding programs to the specific needs of the newest strains while improving the overall quality of their product.

You can try the free demo version of the API using CURL:

curl -X POST -F "file=@path/to/img.jpg"